Bridget M. Blodgett

Bridget is a faculty member at the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences in the Simulation Design and Entertainment program at the University of Baltimore. She has recently been granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor. Her research involves the use of technology within Internet culture and virtual worlds and the social impacts of virtual worlds/Internet culture on offline life. Her current research takes more critical eye to the online game community following recent events involving gender, inclusiveness, and identity. Her dissertation research focused on how technology impacts protest movements in virtual worlds. She is currently engaged as an associate professor teaching several courses on game design and programming for the university. Bridget has her undergraduate degree from the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. Where she focused on the design and development of technology.

Recent Publications (CV)

Salter, A. & Blodgett, B. (Forthcoming 2017). Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Policing. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

Blodgett, B. & Salter, A. (Forthcoming 2017). “Ghostbusters is for White Boys: Understanding the Intersection of the ‘Alt Right’ and Geek Masculinity”.  Communication, Culture, and Critique, Special Issue on Media and the Extreme Right.

Salter, A. & Blodgett, B. (Forthcoming 2017). ‘What Was Missing: The Visibility of Queer Love in Adventure Time and Steven Universe. In J. Brennan’s (Ed.) Queerbaiting: Contemporary Tactics of LGBT Representation. Iowa City, IA: University of Iowa Press.

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