Bridget M. Blodgett

Bridget is a faculty member at the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences in the Simulation Design and Entertainment program at the University of Baltimore. She has recently completed a successful defense of her dissertation in March of 2011 and graduated from Penn State University in May of 2011. Her research involves the use of technology in virtual worlds and the social impacts of virtual worlds on offline life. Her dissertation research focused on how technology impacts protest movements in virtual worlds. She is currently engaged as an assistant professor teaching several courses on game design and programming for the university. She is also working on publishing the findings of her dissertation work and beginning a new research direction. Bridget has her undergraduate degree from the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. Where she focused on the design and development of technology.

Recent Publications

Blodgett, B., Salter, A. (2014). “#1ReasonWhy: Game Communities and the Invisible Woman”.  2014 Foundations of Digital Games (FDG). Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. April 3 – 7, 2014.

Blodgett, B., Salter, A. (2013). “Hearing ’Lady Game Creators’ Tweet: #1ReasonWhy, Women and Online Discourse in the Game Development Community”.  Internet Research 14.0: Resistance + Appropriation. Denver, Colorado. October 23 – 26, 2013.

Salter, A., Blodgett, B. (2013). “#1ReasonWhy Gamers <3 Dickwolves: Understanding Sexism in the Gaming Community.”  Computers & Writing, Frostburg, June 6-9, 2013.

Blodgett, B., Salter, A. (2013). “Being Effie: The Hunger Games and War as a Form of Entertainment Media Consumption.” Media and Transition (MiT) 8. Cambridge, Massachusetts. May 3-5, 2013.

Salter, A. and Blodgett, B. (2012) “Hypermasculinity & Dickwolves: The Invisibility of Women in the New Gaming Public.” Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. Vol. 56 Iss: 3, pp. 401 – 416.

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