Business and Marketing Plan

Create a business and marketing plan for publishing a game through your own company.  The plan should be realistic and emphasize your creative vision and values.  It should argue that your company fills a unique, potentially profitable place in the business landscape.

The product your company will market will likely be a game you have created previously or are currently in the process of creating.  Time is given for you to begin polishing it for the sake of publication.

The business plan should allow room to breathe, but be specific enough that one can judge the meeting of milestones and adjust goals and methods accordingly.


The main sections of a business plan are as follows:

  • Mission Statement:  outline values, goals and motivations.
  • Background Information:
    • What your product (game) is
    • What people are involved
    • What skills or services they contribute
  • List of Services:  Skills you offer and what you hope to accomplish
  • Market Analysis: What makes your company unique or stand out from competition
  • Target audience
    • How you will reach this audience
  • What outlet you selected for distribution or how you will self-distribute
  • What the requirements are for submission
  • How the outlet will publicize your game or how you plan to publicize your game
  • Financial Projections:
    • How you will get paid
    • Projected annual income
    • Projected annual expenses
    • Sustainability plan
  • Executive Summary:
    • This goes in the beginning of your document, but should be written last. Can be created by paraphrasing the most crucial points from each section.  This is for people who do not have time to read the rest. About 250 words.

Final paragraph should describe the funds sought for the project.

Make it easy to read.  Use images of your game.  Create an attractive package.

If you are planning a serious game and would like to practice applying for a grant, let me know.  You can tweak the assignment to meet specific grant requirements.


The plan will take the form of a Word document of approximately 1500 – 3000 words.  Business plans will be presented briefly in class.  Create a PowerPoint or Prezi summarizing the key points. You will have 10 minutes for your presentation.  Attach both submissions to this assignment.

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