Game Design Document

This project is to develop or modify an existing game concept from previous classes to use in this course. The game concept represents the game your team will be producing this semester. Your game concept should be well fleshed out through the creation of a game design document. This design document is equivalent to the ten-pager that was discussed in class. Should should spend some time fleshing out the original game concept to include any images, level designs, concept art, etc to show that you are invested in this idea and to give details to the publishing company that will be reviewing your concept. The game design document should also include your team’s first attempt at drafting a budget and timeline for production which we will be following from now on.

You can draw from a number of different formats for your design document. Some suggestions are:

Please don’t use the Baldwin Design Document.

If any part of the design document does not match your game concept please either: 1) redefine the section to something more appropriaite (e.g. for a text-based game take the visual character design section and create mini bios instead) 2) reuse that space to expand a different section of the document.

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