Homework 1

Please answer each question in depth, providing as much detail as is reasonable. Feel free to copy the questions into Word or any other document editor in order to answer them. The addition of pictures or diagrams is welcome for question 2.

1. How do loops and other decision methods reduce the amount of repetition in the code and why is this a good thing?

2. Briefly map your home network and identify the important elements of how you connect to the Internet

3. How does the weak typing of PHP enable more flexibility within the language and what does this mean for complex software applications?

4. What is the difference between $variable = 1 and $variable == 1? Why is this an important distinction to understand?

5. Since PHP has few differences between variables why are global and static variables important? How does the decision to include global and static variables change your design plan for a site?

Due: 9/18 @ 5:30pm

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