Yeats Grave, the village of Drumcliffe

In 1984, Mom & Dad Ward, members of the original Laga Saga crew, stopped in the small village of Drumcliff to visit the graveside of William Butler Yeats. So as we drove South from Donegal, we also paused in Sligo County and the village of Drumcliffe. There,beside a tiny but still active chapel,lies the unassuming grave of one of the world’s greatest poets. The Irish poet,Willain Butler Yeats,lays in a peaceful chapel graveyard where his grandfather had once been curate. His final resting place,with it’s stunning location at the foot of Benbulben mountain,is quiet and unadorned. But the local parishoners recently have installed a brozne memorial with a life – sized statue of the poet and his words in the nearby parking lot. The Church graveyeard also has the remains of an early round tower and a high cross constructed in the 11th century when there was still a Christian monastery on – site. The monastery was founded by Saint Columcille (Columba),one of St Patrick’s deciples,in 574 A.D.
We left Drumcliffe and continued the journey Southward.

We paused at Castle Dughaire, overlooking the reeks (marshes). We climbed its towerhouse from bottom to top. Apparently, its English Lady had renovated and modernized it in the 1960’s. It still seemed dark and dismal, not for me! But as Sally said, “You never forget your first Castle!”
Finally,it was on to the Cliffs of Mohr! But you cannot enjoy the cliffs until you have survived the white knuckle drive UP into the hills! Matt promised Sally & I the ride down the other side of the hill would be much better.

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