The Ring of Kerry

Our host at the Kingfisher Lodge asked us at checkout where we were headed. He had just returned from a drive around the Ring of Kerry with his wife. They suggested that we leave early and follow the Ring from the opposite direction of the tour buses, far less traffic that way. He also told us about the Ring of Skellig. The Ring of Kerry apparently does not go out to the point of the peninsula, which is considered an additional ring tour. This usually includes a boat ride from the point to the islands, Skellig Michael and Greater Skellig. We took his advice and headed right out in the opposite direction from the rest of the town’s tourists. He was right, there was far less traffic on our side of the road but the tour buses were coming at us! Thank Goodness the roads were much wider than Donegal or the Cliffs of Mohr. Doing the Ring simply means that you drive along the coast and look out at the views of sea and sky, I had not known that! If you want to actually go to the beach, you have to find a way down to the water’s edge. We were on the scenic tour. We drove along the cliff top and took in the panorama of sea and sky. The Ring of Kerry takes a turn to cross overland and heads down the opposite coast. We opted for the route that went out to the point, called the Ring of Skellig. The road began to narrow considerably and slope downhill but as we came out to the point, it opened up into a small harbor. We drove out to the water’s edge and parked. We could see across the narrow channel to an island. The ferry chugged across to pick us up and in ten minutes we were off to Skellig Velentia!

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