Homework 2

You will be working on formatting text outputs and performing some more advanced calculations. In class we worked on creating a chore tracker for a set of room mates. You will be building upon this example to make a visual representation of the work each roommate does every week. This output should:
1. be formatted like a table
2. list each person
3. list several chores they do,
4. list how many hours they spent doing each chore
5. list the average time spent on that chore for the household
6. list the total hours spent on chores for the individual

An example of an acceptable final output is shown below:


Your code should be submitted in a text file with your name and homework2 as well as the code you wrote to answer the problem.

For full credit, you need to attempt additional modifications. Here is the rubric for each grade:

  • A-Level Work: Convert the chore hours assignment to a chore calendar, imposing a structure and style on the generated content. Modify the code using square brackets and escapes so that elements display appropriately and add context to the work. A-Level work must be cleanly formatted, include commenting for scripting, and use python elements appropriately.
  • B-Level Work: A basic formatting is in place and all of the correct calculations are completed and presented. B-level work should be cleanly formatted, include commenting for scripting, and use python elements appropriately.
  • C-Level Work: Get the chore calendar working with your own calculations and an attempt at achieving the desired formatting. C-level work should show an attempt at clean formatting, commenting and use of python but may not succeed in all elements.
  • D-Level Work: Chore calendar is attempted but fails to compile due to errors in coding. The base of the scripting is present but not functional.
  • Failing Work: Project is not submitted or demonstrates no attempt to complete the task.

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