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In Class Code 3-26-15

#def main(): #sayHello() # temp() #def temp(): # print(“Sure is hot in here”) #def sayHello(): # print(“Hello class!”) #Old MacDonald Game def main(): animals = [“cow”, “chicken”, “pig”, “horse”] sounds = [“moo, moo”, “cluck, cluck”, “oink, oink”, “neigh, neigh”] num…Continue Reading →

Homework 4

Create several small programs that answer the following questions: 1. Question One Read a nonnegative integer N (range 0 to 20) and print the powers of 2 from 1 to 2N. You do not need to validate that the integer is…Continue Reading →

Final Project – Annual Report

OVERVIEW Write a 2000 – 4000 word annual report for your company, as well as a five minute presentation.  As everyone is at various points in their development cycle, what goes into the report is variable.  See a list of…Continue Reading →

Business and Marketing Plan

Create a business and marketing plan for publishing a game through your own company.  The plan should be realistic and emphasize your creative vision and values.  It should argue that your company fills a unique, potentially profitable place in the…Continue Reading →

Week 9: Funding

1. Sample Business Grant Application – 7245676_final_submitted 2. Slides – Funding 3. Lawsuit could expose if top VC firms are good investment –

Final Project

Keeping in mind your own thesis goals, current clients, and other needs, design a web application or game that integrates all the structures and functions you’ve learned this semester. Your application should include meaningful interactivity, responsiveness to the user, and…Continue Reading →

Homework 4

Take an existing application or concept you’ve worked with this semester and change its existing interface to use the Canvas for primary display. Using the starting tutorial on taking MasterMind from a text-based to graphical interface as an example, choose…Continue Reading →

Week 9: Geolocation and Mobile

1. Review Slides – Review (1) – alt link (Slides) 2. Geolocation API – 3. Geolocation Spec – 4. Flash is Dead! Long Live OpenFL! – 5. Google Maps API –

In Class Code 3/12/15

#if eyecolor == “brown”: # if haircolor == “brown”: # print(“Wave your hands”) # elif haircolor == “blond” # print(“Jump up and down”) # else # print(“Do a dance”) #elif eyecolor == “green” #import math #def main(): # print(“This program…Continue Reading →

Assignment 3

Following from the pseudo code you developed in class, design a game or application that uses all of the following: Functions Arrays Variables Built-in functions Loops If/Else statements Your project should meaningfully integrate each element towards accomplishing your goal.  Example…Continue Reading →