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Why do some indie developers publish their games themselves instead of a known publisher?

I found this link and thought it would be useful for your information. – BB anonymous asked: Why do some indie developers publish their games themselves instead of going to a known small/noteworthy publisher? Why do the others actually go…Continue Reading →

In Class Code for 2/26

def main(): print(“This program generates your superhero name”) first = input(“Please enter your first name: “) street = input(“Please enter the name of the street you grew up on: “) superName = first[:4] + street[2:5] print(“Your superhero name is:”, superName)…Continue Reading →

In Class Code # A program to calculate change def main(): print(“Change Counter”) print() print(“Please enter the count of each coin type”) quarters = eval(input(“Quarters: “)) dimes = eval(input(“Dimes: “)) nickels = eval(input(“Nickels: “)) pennies = eval(input(“Pennies: “)) total = quarters *…Continue Reading →

Homework 2

You will be working on formatting text outputs and performing some more advanced calculations. In class we worked on creating a chore tracker for a set of room mates. You will be building upon this example to make a visual…Continue Reading →

Business Course Simulation Rules

Each team will have to develop and launch a game during the course of the semester in simulation (you have about 2 years in simulation time). All of the assignments are geared towards getting your company up and running and…Continue Reading →

Week 4: Team Building

1. Slides – Team+Building 2. Grim Fandango Design Document – GrimPuzzleDoc_small (2)