IDIA 618 FA2014

Class Recording 11/06

Final Project Description

Your final project is a functioning (albeit prototype level) website for WBXS Open Baltimore (this is not a real company but you may base it loosely upon: This is a non-profit company which is trying to improve their management…Continue Reading →

Database Scripts for PHP & MySQL

Sanitize User Input: <?php function sanitizeString($var) { $var = stripslashes($var); $var = htmlentities($var); $var = strip_tags($var); return $var; } function sanitizeMySQL($var) { $var = mysql_real_escape_string($var); $var = sanitizeString($var); return $var; } ?> Attempt simple queries using MySQLi <?php require ‘connect_mysqli.php’;…Continue Reading →

Homework 4

For this assignment you should have a dummy version of the the website. Not all the functionality of the site needs to be working yet (e.g. it doesn’t need full database integration or totally working PHP code). You should be…Continue Reading →

Database Slides

Cookies+and+Sessions Introduction+To+Databases MySQL+Part+II

In Class Code from 10/9

<?php /*printf(“My name is %s. I’m %d years old, which is %X in hexadecimal”, ‘Simon’, 33, “white”); printf(“The result is: $%.2f”, 123.42 / 12); $currTime = time() + (7 * 24 * 60 * 60); echo “<br>” . $currTime; //1412893018…Continue Reading →

Homework 3

Please see the linked Word document for your questions. Your homework may be the PHP files or a Word document containing all the PHP copied into it. Working examples of each solution (Please remember this is just how I solved them…Continue Reading →