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Homework 2

For homework 2 you will be making a small page that responds to user input. The page should look like a basic log in and welcome back! page like you might see on a social networking site. It does not…Continue Reading →

Code from Class 9/18

Here are the two PHP documents from class saved as text files. inclass2php inclassphp

COSC 315 Source Code

The source code for the book can be found here. It is saved as a *.rar file. You will need a program like 7-zip to open it.

In Class Assignment

while ($k >= 1) { echo $k; $k–; } if ($k == 1) { echo ‘$k in the hosue!’; } elseif ($k < 1) { echo “small k”; } else { echo “No k”; } Create a loop that checks…Continue Reading →