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Broken Snake Code

from OpenGL.GL import * from OpenGL.GLUT import * from OpenGL.GLU import * from random import randint window = 0 width,height = 500,500 field_width, field_height = 50,50 snake = [(20,20)] snake_dir = (1,0) interval = 200 food = [] def refresh2d_custom(width,height,…Continue Reading →

Graphics Games with Python

1. reference – 2. Snake Tutorial (note: we will be modifying this): 3. PyOpenGL –  (file needed)  

Week 14: What’s Next for the Web

Keeping Up: Noupe Smashing Magazine  Windows 8 Metro JS Tutorial Metro App Development Mobile Jo PhoneGap Sencha Responsive Design Extending JS Limitations of HTML5 Mashi Pixastic WebGL Canviz Plotr CoffeeScript Intro to Unity with JS Other Languages Objective C PHP…Continue Reading →

Final Project

Your final project will consist of an adventure game written in Python. The game may either use simple graphics or text based interactions. Your game should consist of a basic game engine that can read and interpret user input and…Continue Reading →