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Game Design Document

This project is to develop or modify an existing game concept from previous classes to use in this course. The game concept represents the game your team will be producing this semester. Your game concept should be well fleshed out…Continue Reading →

Homework 2

For homework two, you’ll be working from the two examples we built in class to create a site that responds to user input. To get started, take a look at the rules of the game Mastermind: Build a version of…Continue Reading →

In Class Python Code

This assignment was to write a small program that computes the range of available ages. #Takes a celsius temp and converts to farenheit #celsius = int(input(‘What is the temp in Celsius? ‘)) #farenheit = 9 / 5 *…Continue Reading →

Week 3: Documentation

1. Selected Postmortem Companies Eevee industries – THQ #Supplies – 38 Studios 405 Studios – THQ Hopscotch Mafia – Bizzare Creations 2. Documentation  Slides

Week 3: Getting Started With JavaScript

1. Write Code Online – JavaScript 2. JavaScript Slides 3. WRC Declares DRM In-Scope for HTML 4. COBOL Will Outlive Us All 5. Homework 1 Solution Example

Homework 1

Please answer each question in depth, providing as much detail as is reasonable. Feel free to copy the questions into Word or any other document editor in order to answer them. 1. How do loops and other decision methods reduce…Continue Reading →

Assignment: Business Post-Mortem

Research a game or simulation development company, either “AAA” or indie, that you find particularly innovative or successful that has had to close its doors or was bought out and failed to continue producing games.  Through articles and interviews, look…Continue Reading →

Week 2: Marketing

1. Slides: Marketing 2. How We Publish an Online Game 3. Why Marketers Fear the Female Geek