COSC 250 SP2015

Assignment 3

Following from the pseudo code you developed in class, design a game or application that uses all of the following: Functions Arrays Variables Built-in functions Loops If/Else statements Your project should meaningfully integrate each element towards accomplishing your goal.  Example…Continue Reading →

In Class Code for 2/26

def main(): print(“This program generates your superhero name”) first = input(“Please enter your first name: “) street = input(“Please enter the name of the street you grew up on: “) superName = first[:4] + street[2:5] print(“Your superhero name is:”, superName)…Continue Reading →

In Class Code # A program to calculate change def main(): print(“Change Counter”) print() print(“Please enter the count of each coin type”) quarters = eval(input(“Quarters: “)) dimes = eval(input(“Dimes: “)) nickels = eval(input(“Nickels: “)) pennies = eval(input(“Pennies: “)) total = quarters *…Continue Reading →

Homework 2

You will be working on formatting text outputs and performing some more advanced calculations. In class we worked on creating a chore tracker for a set of room mates. You will be building upon this example to make a visual…Continue Reading →

In Class Python Code

This assignment was to write a small program that computes the range of available ages. #Takes a celsius temp and converts to farenheit #celsius = int(input(‘What is the temp in Celsius? ‘)) #farenheit = 9 / 5 *…Continue Reading →

Homework 1

Please answer each question in depth, providing as much detail as is reasonable. Feel free to copy the questions into Word or any other document editor in order to answer them. 1. How do loops and other decision methods reduce…Continue Reading →

Origami Star Instructions For Feb 5th. As a table, write a new set of instructions for your chosen foldable item. Submit your new instructions to

COSC 250 Spring 2015 – Syllabus

COSC 250.101: Game Scripting [PDF] Instructor: Bridget M. Blodgett Office Hours:  Tuesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm Wednesday 2:00pm – 4:00pm Appointments available upon request Office Location: 200C Academic Center Phone: x5301 E-mail:   Course Information Location: AC 219 Times: H…Continue Reading →