IDIA 619 SP2015

Week 7: jQuery

1. Getting Started with jQuery: 2. Introduction to the DOM: jQuery and HTML – 3. Slides – JQuery (1) 4. Mastermind Code –

Farmer Game Code

<html> <head> <script> window.onload = init; function init () { var animalList = [“pig”, “cow”, “horse”, “duck”]; var soundsList = [“oink”, “moo”, “neigh”, “quack”]; var randomNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * animalList.length); var animal = animalList[randomNum]; var sound = soundsList[randomNum]; var soundPlace…Continue Reading →

Homework 3

Following from the pseudo code you developed in class, design a game or application that uses all of the following: Objects Functions Arrays Variables Built-in functions Loops If/Else statements DOM/Elements Your project should meaningfully integrate each element towards accomplishing your…Continue Reading →

Homework 2

For homework two, you’ll be working from the two examples we built in class to create a site that responds to user input. To get started, take a look at the rules of the game Mastermind: Build a version of…Continue Reading →

Week 3: Getting Started With JavaScript

1. Write Code Online – JavaScript 2. JavaScript Slides 3. WRC Declares DRM In-Scope for HTML 4. COBOL Will Outlive Us All 5. Homework 1 Solution Example

Homework 1

For homework 1, you’ll be working from existing code and building upon it. This is an opportunity to get used to the elements of HTML5 and start working with simple JavaScript elements to create dynamic web experiences. We’ll be working…Continue Reading →

Week 2: Introduction to HTML5

1. Getting to know HTML5 2. Slides: Intro+to+HTML5 3. W3Schools JavaScript Guides 4. Codecademy JavaScript tutorial 5. Book Code – (zip download) hfhtml5_noVideo