Final Project Description

Your final project is a functioning (albeit prototype level) website for WBXS Open Baltimore (this is not a real company but you may base it loosely upon: This is a non-profit company which is trying to improve their management and scheduling process by replacing their manual whiteboard with a digital backend. This website should:

  1. Display a main page that shows a selection of programs that the broadcasting company offers as well as schedules for shows for the upcoming week.
  2. Offer a log in page that will guide a user to the appropriate landing page for their access level: temporary volunteer, crew, or administrator.
  3. Allow volunteers and crew to view the current slots they have signed up for, cancel their current slots, or sign up for new slots.
  4. Allow administrators to approve volunteers and crew for slots, remove them from slots, approve volunteer and crew cancellations of appointments, assign volunteers and crew to appointments, add or revoke access to the site, schedule new appointments for taping.

You demo website should:

  1. Have PHP code which retrieves the page contents from an SQL database and manipulates the display of that content as appropriate.
  2. Acceses a well formed MySQL database that contains the tables that are logically constructed for supporting the site’s information

For this project I will be acting as the client. I am happy to answer any questions about needs/requirements/design ideas that your team may have.

If you have the page hosted at a personal location please link to that URL in your submission and attach a text file containing the PHP code and database structure for your website (otherwise it is not visible to me).

If you do not have a place to host the site please collect the website’s files in a .zip folder and attach the folder to your submission.


A-Level Work: Build a working website that displays dynamic scheduling, differentiates between users, and allows each level the correct control over the scheduling information.  The website code should be clearly written and data for each page called dynamically from the backing database. Displayed output should be well designed to be clear for each user level, allowing them to quickly understand what their appointments or obligations. For A-level work, the application should use multiple properties of imported data in a meaningful way–either to sort / search based on user input, narrow the range of returned results, or otherwise manipulate the data returned.

B-Level Work: Build a working website that displays dynamic scheduling, differentiates between users. Most of the required scheduling functions are included but do not link to one another allowing administrators control over the other users’ information or schedules or presents other errors.

C-Level Work: Create a basic website that displays static show information and allows a user to log in, but does not handle different access levels. The basic functions of the backend scheduling system are only partially implemented.

D-Level Work: The application is attempted but fails to connect to a database or displays numerous PHP errors.

Failing Work: Project is not submitted or demonstrates no attempt to complete the task.

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